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If theres one thing in my life that I wish I could take back and do over it will be the day I saw this guy. I went there with a skin problem he real quickly just look it over did not care what I had to say and gave me two prescriptions. This took like less then two minutes cause that's all he feels your worth. I also told him I need these medicines to be covered by the insurance. After all his yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I'm sure, Insisting I take it to the pharmacy and they where NOT. Completely confirmed by the insurance coming out to nearly 500$. You know if you don't know if the insurance does not cover it then SAY YOU DON'T KNOW show some decency that was a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR charge to see him. Now because he wants to be a lier I'm expected to go back to see him so he can charge another 300$. This is called a legal way to rob you and there is no way I'm going to let this con-artist take advantage of me. I have to work my hands off to earn 300$ cause that's call REAL work and living in the REAL world. Now since I wanted to help myself I did go pay for the nearly 500$ worth of (free medicine?) which is a big deal for me to come up with. So I used them exactly as told but had to stop shortly because this stuff horribly irritated and discolored my skin really bad. I thought it might go away on its own but after over a year it had not. So then I had to pay lots of money on cosmetic treatments to make it go away. Its now looking much better but not completely gone. My new doctor said that many creams cannot just be put on any skin even if they are meant to treat a skin problem you have. They have harsh ingredients and theres (sensitive skin) and can make matters so much worst. Please anyone find yourself a doctor who cares and knows what they are doing not one who just throws a prescription in your face and wants you out of there after a minute. This doctor on a dermatology level is a nobody he is as basic and simply as they get. I wish someone would have told me before I met Dr. Judas Ripoff.

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Submitted November 18, 2015

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