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What You Need To Know: -accurate and quick diagnosis -focuses on "functional surgery" to help patients -doesn't prescribe surgery for everything -great with nervous/anxious patients -has a sweet personality -is passionate about what he does -is willing to explain everything as complexly or simply as you need -checks in with patients during procedure (lingual frenectomy) -wizard at local anesthetic Detailed Experience: I was nervous going in. I knew I needed a tongue frenectomy, but needing it didn't make me less nervous. Dr. Zaghi came in to review the plans for the surgery and showed me a detailed calendar of the healing process and what to expect and then asked me how I was feeling. After establishing that I was nervous but ready, Sanda came in and gave me a tongue and gum massage to try to loosen and relax the area for the procedure. Then she went through how to massage my tongue post-surgery and gave me some tongue exercises to perform while healing (these really make the surgery more effective and are vital to recovery, so push through the pain). Sanda applied local topical anesthetic to my tongue and gave me a stress-toy to squeeze just in case during the procedure. Dr. Zaghi asked me what kind of music I liked and let it play in the background. He checked a few places under my tongue, asking me if I could feel any pain. Then he went in with the needle to anesthetize further. He waited for the anesthetic to kick in and then the procedure went smoothly. He would ask me to make certain shapes with my tongue, then he would pinch a part, ask me if I could feel it, and if I indicated no, he would cut. He constantly would check the anesthesia before cutting, and if I hesitated, he would reinject and wait to make sure I wouldn't experience any pain. After we got through the front tie, he stopped and told me that the tension in the back sides needed to be released, but we could stop and wait for the front to heal for a month before going back in. He also explained that continuing would mean a longer recovery. After deciding to continue, the rest of the procedure went as well as before. While closing me up with stitches he explained I might need a revision, but we would re-evaluate after I had healed. Healing for me was relatively easy, and I kept up with the exercises I was shown. Swallowing immediately afterwards was so much easier even with the pain. My sleep quality immediately improved, and my dreams were longer and more vivid. And for the first time in my life, when I woke up I felt energized. When I went back in Dr. Zaghi found that I did not even need a revision. I can't express how thankful and how happy I was to go through with this. It truly changed my life.

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