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I went to see Dr. Gupta for ongoing vertigo - I chose his office because vertigo was specifically listed on the website as one of the conditions they specialize in, and he was the first dr I could get in to see there. If he personally has no expertise in this problem, I wish he would have just told me that up front. Instead, he prescribed the usual tests (MRI and EEG) and told me to take meclazine and pamelor and then come back in three weeks. The meclazine had no effect, and the pamelor made the dizziness worse. (I tried to call him about that, more on that below. In the end I just stopped taking it.) When I told him those things in my follow-up (in the meantime the vertigo had gotten MUCH worse and I was barely functioning), he wanted to try valium instead. Valium in general tends to make me lightheaded and jittery, and when I said that to him, his response was "Well, that's the only other medication there is. There's nothing else we can do." Turns out there was something else I could do - find another doctor. To his credit though, he did prescribe vestibular therapy to me, which has helped. Also, I never have to wait long to see him - he is very punctual. But if you have a question or concern outside of the office, good luck talking to him on the phone; the front desk will route you to his nurse's voicemail. His nurse is a nice and fun guy, but never once returned any of the voice messages I left him (including one in which I stated I was having scary side effects from the pamelor). I'm no doctor, but I feel a message in which a patient states "this medication is having some worrying side effects" merits a return phone call.

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