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I went to Dr. Wyman around this time last year. I had a cavity that I was told would be a root canal. It was bothering me a lot, so he got me in that day. He "cleaned" the two smaller canals of the tooth but "couldn't find" the main canal. He said that it was an "impossible" tooth. He let me leave the office with only two of my canals cleaned out, saying that "it wouldn't last" (even though he charged me in full for the procedure). Two days later, I got up and walked into my kitchen. All of a sudden, I got a pain that dropped me to my knees. It was like I got stabbed in the face with a knife. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before. It was horrible. I ended up having to do to walk-in care, where they prescribed me Percocet. Mind you, I don't even like taking Tylenol. This pain med really messed with me. I scheduled an appointment to have the tooth extracted the next day. The next day, I went into PCDC, and low and behold, it wasn't an impossible tooth. DR. WYMAN HAD DUG INTO MY TOOTH IN THE WRONG SPOT SO LONG THAT MY TOOTH LINING WAS SO THIN THAT IT WOULD DEFINITELY END UP CRACKING, said my dentist, after he did the best he could at fixing my botched root canal. He said that the tooth WAS NOT impossible and that Dr. Wyman was the one who messed it up. When he cleaned out the main canal it was extremely infected. He said that he couldn't believe another dentist left it like that. The molding that Dr. Wyman put inside of the roots was thinned out and the small roots weren't cleaned out well at all. My dentist had to go back and fix the awful job that Dr. Wyman did. It was HORRIBLY done. To add insult to injury, the "impossible" tooth is most likely going to be pulled tomorrow. It's been gradually hurting worse and worse this past year. After X-Rays, I found out that the tooth DID crack. And it wasn't because it was "impossible", Dr. Wyman just couldn't do his job. He destroyed my tooth. Tomorrow, I'm either going to hope that my current dental surgeon will do a deal with me for the cost of the CT SCAN I'm going to need ($350) and my BONE GRAFT (another $350) for the implant I'm going to have to get OR I'm going to have a missing tooth THAT SHOULD BE THERE NOW, FINE AND WITH A FINISHED CROWN. I'm a college student studying to teach elementary school. I work full-time at a group home with adults with disabilities. ALL OF MY SCHOOL REFUND IS GOING TO THIS TOOTH. What should have been a $500 (tops) root canal and a crown is going to now be thousands of dollars. The receptionist at my new dentist's office said that, by the time the procedure is finished, it will cost me about SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. That's more than I owe left on my car. Not that Dr. Wyman would care while he's out doing botched procedures, driving around in the nice car that he bought with his dirty money. Hey Dr. Wyman, can I borrow about six thousand dollars?? Thanks!!

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flag | Submitted July 12, 2017

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