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On 10/19 around 2:00am approx. I went to Reid Hospital ER for a SEVERE migraine. Dr. Brummett was signed onto my case. After letting the doctor know that this was my second visit to the ER for a severe migraine (never had I had any medical history before)- she then gave me toradol, Benadryl and Haldol. For those of you who do not know, Haldol is an old antipsychotic used for mostly mental patients. Because of my very bad reaction to this medicine, I have been rushed to the hospital twice and seen my primary care physician. The doctors and everyone else I know in the healthcare field has absolutely no clue why I was given Haldol for a migraine. As soon as the Haldol was injected into my system, I felt anxious and very very strange. I told the nurse who was on duty, she said it was "normal". Nobody noticed my reaction to it. The next day, I had a bad reaction to it- numbness all over, panic attack, my pulse was 140 and I felt like I was almost going into shock. I was rushed to Reid and the doctor there did absolutely nothing for me (Reid is a joke!). Dr. Thomas McKinney- very rude said I was having anxiety and sent me home with nothing- he ignored everything I was saying. He did blood work, said it was normal and gave me something to calm me down for the moment. He showed no compassion for my condition and just thought it was "anxiety". The next day, I was rushed to the hospital again (this time Henry County hospital which was great) because my mom refused to take me back to Reid. I had another severe attack and the doctor there was in complete shock that I was given Haldol. She gave me a medicine to counter react the medicine and sent me home with a script to help the reactions from happening for the next 72 hours. She was GREAT! She knew that I was having a bad reaction- not "anxiety". She also wanted me to follow up with my PCP and I did just that. When I saw my PCP (primary care physician) he as well, cannot believe they gave me Haldol (a psychotic drug) for a migraine. I am having testing done at Henry county hospital due to the amazing staff there and my PCP. Reid hospital, Dr. Brummett and Dr. McKinney showed no compassion and not a care in the world for what the Haldol did to my system. It had my respiratory system all messed up. I will never go back and never recommend that hospital to anyone. I have never had ANY type of health issues until now. I really hope this doesn't happen to others in the future. Haldol should not be given for headaches (coming from 2 doctors and 5 nurses- I think those are good enough sources). I am very upset that I will no longer be able to go to my hometown hospital after 3 visits- nothing was resolved. Henry county hospital has exceptional staff and I recommend them. People can be severely damaged if doctors do not LISTEN to them.

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flag | Submitted October 22, 2014

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