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I am revising my review for Dr.Lipson as the last 2 visits with her have been VERY unpleasant. I do not know what this woman's problem is but these past 2 visits she has been very cold, curt, rushes the visits, does not listen very well, and is just downright rude. Mind you I was driving from Alabama to see this woman. I cannot stress enough to other Wegener's/Vasculitis patients to PLEASE do your research on these doctors before going to them. Dr.Lipson turned out to be exactly like the nasty rheumatologist I was seeing before her. You can tell the content of a person's character by how they act and treat people especially sick people. Don't bother filing a complaint with patient relations (or nurse manager Jessica Martin) because they just side with the doctor thinking the doctor knows best and will terminate you as a patient. If you do beware of Allison Brown who will talk about you and your complaint to others in the department. My issue with "Doctor" Lipson is the fact I asked her at the 3rd visit with her a month after having Rituxan infusions if I could be on cell cept as a maintenance. I asked because I know my body and I know when I flare. When I first did Rituxan in Jan.2015 afterward I was put on Imuran. 4 months later I flared. Inflammation attacked my eye again. Last year the awful rheumy I was seeing refused to put me on a maintenance medication along with Rituxan and 4 months later the Wegener's attacked my joints and I could not walk and had joint swelling. I did not want a repeat of that happening. Lipson's treatment plan of Imuran and prednisone didn't work either. I asked Lipson to be on cell cept, she said no, and later said it was too early. Sure enough 4 months later I flare. Actually in May I started having awful respiratory symptoms of shortness of breath. Come June I started having sinus drainage and stuffiness, face pain, ear pain, weakness, feeling bone tired, joint pain, etc. The ER doctor twice diagnosed me with Sinusitis which Wegener's can cause. I went to my pcp and she saw how bad off I was and wanted me to get in with Lipson ASAP. I see Lipson and I am still sick and walking with a limp. Lipson could not have cared less and was rude, dismissive, seemed annoyed, would not listen, kept interrupting me when I talked, and let out annoyed sighs. She finally shook her head, rolled her eyes, and said I could try cell cept which she ended up not putting me on. As she was getting up to leave I asked her if she would prescribe anything for my pain and she said no and that rheumatology does not prescribe narcotics. Which is a lie because another patient with Wegener's that goes there get's them from her rheumy. She did not prescribe any anti-inflammatory meds or made no suggestions as to what to do about my pain. She just walked out of the room and scheduled me to come back 2 months later. Knowing how painful and nasty Wegener's is. I ended up having a full blown flare in both of my eyes 2 weeks later. After that I found a rheumatologist closer to me. I tried 3 times to speak with Jessica Martin the manager over the department and she was no help and actually kept blowing me off. In fact I received an email from Abbey W in patient relations letting me know Jessica and Lipson were terminating me as a patient while I was in a flare and on no treatment. The doctor I currently see actually listened and said Rituxan alone is not enough for me and put me on 25mg of methotrexate and wants me to continue Rituxan infusions. DO NOT waste your time with Aliza Lipson and beware of trolls on here that will highly rate her out of the blue. Look at the reviews on healthgrades about her and they say the same thing I have wrote about her rude behavior and lack of care. It's a shame because the first 2 visits with her were awesome. She had excellent bedside manners then but by the 3rd it went downhill and didn't get better. When a doctor refuses to listen to you and come up with a treatment plan that will help you then run as fast as you can from them.

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flag | Submitted December 18, 2017

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