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I strongly recommend to stay away from this office. The staff is great but the doctor no longer deserves to carry a medical license in my opinion. I spoke with Dr. Gussow on three different occasions about a pre-existing condition on a front tooth that he would need to be aware of before performing work on some existing crowns. Despite that, he brutalized that tooth causing an extreme fracture and the need to have it extracted. The teeth that he did crown work on (upper fronts) were completely ill-fitting and I went through (and am still going through) several months of pain, discomfort, and the inability to eat food due to no longer having a functional bite. I survived on Ramen noodles and Ensure for months while Dr. Gussow repeatedly instructed me: "Just give it more time!" During that time, my jaw would occasionally clench in my sleep and my lower teeth put an extreme amount of pressure on the ill-fitting front crowns he had placed. This made my upper teeth extremely sensitive to touch, so much so that I couldn't even bite through a piece of bread. Again, this was constant pain and discomfort that I endured for several months until I was able to find an educated professional that could actually treat the issue that had been created. Thankfully, that issue has begun to subside after beginning orthodontics with the new provider. The lower teeth, all the while, were being filed down by their constant collision and grinding with the upper teeth. Still, Dr. Gussow asked me to give it more time. He had initially made one or two adjustments - "I'm filing off FRACTIONS of a millimeter of your lower teeth", he would say to me - but, eventually, he decided he would no longer perform adjustments. As a result, I had to resort to self-dentistry to even get a reprieve from the pain and discomfort. I literally went through day after day, for weeks, manually filing down my lower front teeth due to inaction on Dr. Gussow's part to address the mess he had set in motion. It was painful, as you can imagine, not to mention extremely stressful and it resulted in the loss of a significant amount of tooth structure. I now have a different dentist and am on month three of orthodontics. There is still a gap where my tooth was extracted from and I now get to wait to have an implant placed until after my orthodontics are done in 1-1.5 years. All because of an otherwise simple procedure by a dentist who came back to the chair shortly after completely breaking my mouth and said to me: "I've learned that I need to listen to my patients better." I would not trust this dentist regardless of how much he pretends to listen to and understand any concerns you may have.

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flag | Submitted March 27, 2018

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