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On November, 2014, my daughter was having some strange symptoms. At first, she couldn't move her neck. I took her to urgent care and they didn't really know what it was so they just told me to put an ice pack for a few days. We figured it was a sprain because after three days, she acted as if nothing had happened. On that same month, I took her to the mall and she fell; but, when she fell, she lost her breath for a few seconds. After that fall, she didn't walk the same. She couldn't run, she could barely walk and when she did, she looked as if she were waddling or as if she had a limp. We immediately took her to Dr. Banfro, concerned that something was wrong with my little girl struggling to walk for a few weeks now. Dr. Banfro simply stated that my daughter wanted attention. I paid money for a doctor to tell me that my daughter wanted attention. She didn't even bother to order a urine or blood test. As weeks went on, my daughter was getting worse. We took her from doctor to doctor because I knew that what my little girl had was definitely not attention. We finally went to a neurologist and he sent us to get her an MRI. The MRI indicated that my daughter had a tumor near her spine. When we found this out, we had to visit a specialist but in order to see a specialist, we must have a referral from the primary doctor, which of course was Dr. Barnfro. I called, I left messages telling her that this was urgent and that I needed the referral immediately. She never called me back and till this day I never received a call from her. Luckily another doctor ordered the referral for me and we visited the specialist. Eventually, my daughter had to undergo surgery to get a biopsy of her tumor. It is now March and we recently found out that the type of tumor my daughter has is LCH. It took me about four months to finally figure out what she had wrong. If I would have listened to Dr. Banfro, I would've probably not known what my daughter had, the tumor would've continued to grow, and her condition would've gotten much worse. I would not trust this doctor. I know she means well, but she didn't even try to help me out with my daughter. I think the only thing you can visit this doctor with is for a cough, fever, or anything simple that over the counter medications would help with. And for all you parents out there; when you feel in your gut, that there is something wrong with your child, keep insisting until you get the answer you're looking for because trust me, when you feel there is something wrong with your baby, you are almost always correct.

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flag | Submitted March 10, 2015

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