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My mothers visit here was absolutely horrible. We only went here because its a small town and this is the only dentistry. But basically all she had to get done was get a tooth pulled simple right....NO not at this place, the doctor after trial and error cracked her tooth, pulled it and then scraped it....Ok painful and a little more than expected but bearable. And after all that my mom has severe life threatening allergies and medical conditions so she told the doctor what medicine she could and could not take so she wouldn't have a reaction to anything during the healing process. Well even though she told the doctor all that, she had a reaction to the pain and antibiotic meds. anyways...Tragic right. Yeah well so we went back to the dentist to get different meds. since shes allergic to the ones provided and got NO's all across the board, we even had the meds. he had provided her with to show there was no abuse of medication and she had only took what was instructed on the pill bottles and had the reaction to it. We were simply trying to get pills that she could take for that tooth and not die over. We didn't even push for the pain pills that wasn't a main concern even though she's in alot of pain, i mean he knows what he did to her, we were mainly trying to get different antibiotics since she can't take the ones he had already provided which is ridiculous since as a health care provider i would think that preventing infection and ect. would be a main concern involving a patient that you had just done work on.

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flag | Submitted January 16, 2015

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