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I started seeing Dr. N. Mian in summer of 2017 for partial seizures. At first, he was wonderful. He was the second neurologist I had seen and he gave me hope that he would be the last stop for me. Dr. Mian seemed thorough and seemed like he really cared to get to the bottom of the issue. I had no problem getting ahold of him. He always returned phone calls in a timely fashion. Then something changed. I was hospitalized on February 2nd and the resident neurologist claimed to speak to Dr. Mian who decided against admitting me and increased my medication dosage. I was to follow up on Monday. This all seemed normal to me. I called Monday, left a message with his friendly receptionist, as I usually do only this time, I received no call back. I figured maybe he was just extra busy. I didn't want to increase medication without speaking directly to him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, called the next day and 8 days following. Some days I called twice. I even had my boyfriend call twice and they swore I would receive a call that day. It appeared to me that Dr. Mian was avoiding my calls. I don't know if he feels he made an error and had guilt or what but what I do know is he has made me more stressed and anxious, 2 feelings that add to the cause of my seizures. The office staff is friendly but was not helpful in this situation. I finally called yesterday, February 16, and told them that due to their lack of concern for their patients, that I have decided to move on to a new neurologist. The receptionist who I had spoken to more than once did not try to talk me out of it. She was not apologetic. Nothing. She just faxed my paperwork and that was it. This all seems very fishy to me. It seems like they were eager to get rid of me for some reason and glad I finally gave up. That is NOT the way to treat a very scared patient. I would not recommend this doctor and it's really unfortunate that my experience ended so badly being that I truly had gained a trust for him. If you are like me and need to be able to reach your doctor and have calls returned at least within a day or two, this is NOT the neurologist for you.

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flag | Submitted February 17, 2018

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