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Dr. Saqer started out like she would listen to me and work with me on my asthma (which I've had since I was an infant) and then things quickly went downhill. First of all, in September when I first saw her, she didn't write in my chart which steroid inhalers I was trying to determine what might work best for me. I was told to call back and request one of the ones we had discussed during my appointment when I figured out which one I wanted. So when we contacted her office to have them fill the advair HFA, it was a nightmare and took at least 6 phone calls to resolve. The receptionist told us multiple times there wasn't an HFA advair (there is) and the doctor called in the the wrong inhaler twice to my pharmacy. FINALLY we got the correct inhaler. Cool. Fast forward to the end of December. My scripts have run out and she will refill the singulair (which is an allergy pill btw) for one more month but then I HAVE to come in to see her. Because these drugs have to be more closely monitored than opiates for some reason. Except, I am not allowed to take off during the months of December or January at my job. Those are blackout dates for my position. Now she won't refill this pill (the singulair) because I "had a month to come in and chose not to". Fabulous, except I couldn't. And even if I could, she's out of the country half of this month and will be out until the middle of February. This is an ALLERGY pill that is VITAL to my breathing ability. Without it, I could very well have an asthma attack and end up in the ER. Thanks for that, doctor. I was not informed in December that she would be unavailable for a month due to being out of country (which covers half of the time frame she gave to come in btw). Isn't that nice? But this is my fault somehow. And, why doesn't she have another doctor covering her patients while she is gone for so long? Why do doctors treat asthma patients like we are looking for pain killers? I just want to breathe, man. I do not understand why my asthma meds are more closely monitored than xanax prescriptions. If you like having any control over your own health care and feel that you understand your asthma/ condition you have had for your entire life and want a reasonable doctor, then don't come here. Oh, she also suggested I get rid of my beloved cats because of my asthma before we talked options to manage it. That's great. Literally tried to talk me into giving away my sons beloved pet because "cats carry a lot of allergens". Excuse me if I'm wrong but, isn't constant and repeated exposure to allergens the entire premise of allergy shots???

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