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I cannot convey in this short space because I could blog on this man's quality of service. HE IS A TRUE HEALER!! The real deal and you can see it in his eyes! You can experience it for yourself to understand what I mean. He truly cares! He listens for as long as you need to speak because his compassion is genuine. I witnessed him dealing with his other with as much care as he did with me. I also had the chance to speak with a few and they conveyed the same feelings as my own. His office is a place of comfort and serenity. His asst. Sid is wonderful as well to say the least. When visit you'll get what I mean from the moment you walk into his office! I felt like I was an honored guest in his own home! If I were staying in Maryland I would have this man as my one and only physician!! I cannot express my gratitude enough. His knowledge and concern is deep and authentic! In all my years I have never experienced such quality of care from a doctor. The day I came to his office I was only dropping in to check the date and time of my next appt. However, he saw me in distress and took me in right away. We talked for awhile and he helped me then and there! He even allowed me to relax in the waiting room on that comfy couch for over an hour to monitor my condition knowing it was exactly what I needed! I have a plethora of disabilities though not always obvious but he knew. I had also come from my doctor near by that has given me, let's say, less than adequate care. I feel blessed Dr. Weng came into my life and am truly sad I found him so late since I am now moving to Utah. If you want a TRUE physician and are as tired as I am of doctors that give you only 5mins to talk with their hands on the door ready to rush out then throw a handful of terrible prescriptions at you then Dr. Weng will be your last stop because THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN UNDER HIS CARE!!! What you'll find will leave you in awe. His approach is holistic with a complete education and experience in traditional medicine. I believe he too has been less than satisfied with the kind of low grade healthcare that we, everyone one of us have been subjected to and has educated himself to find nontraditional approaches to healing simply because he KNOWS what we've been offered here in the USA is just NOT working in so many many cases and have even left us sicker or have even caused death. I too have done my research on the same subjects for many years because I have becoming alarmingly aware of the truth. I have discovered his approach is a thousands of years old approach to healing that WORKS!! Please do your own deep research on his methods. Most people are SO misinformed about the truth in healthcare that it's shocking! As I have been. I have suffered for way too long and nothing has been done by any doctor to really help me!! Dr. Weng has had the guts to step out of the box in search of real medicine, true healing methods, methods that are ancient and ABSOLUTELY more effective than what poisons and lack of honest care this nation has been fed for far too many years because of the almighty dollar and because care givers following the "status quo" of their teachers. This is not just an opinion it is a fact and I hail Dr. Weng for searching, again, "outside of the box" for a better way. This country needs doctors like him that aren't just trying to get rich but who HONESTLY CARE!!! My deepest gratitude to him and the other professionals who truly WANT to heal their patients and have the courage to see past the deceptions and lies they're fed by the uneducated or uncaring traditionalists that plague the health system and are taking their own initiative to find a better way to care. Dr. Weng is a doctor with high standards and education you can't see from just looking at credentials, you MUST experience him yourself and PLEASE do your OWN research!! What you'll find will blow your socks off!! I recommend a 2hour documentary done by the infamous Dr. Sanjay Gupta for starters on the subject of this particular approach then look further. There is tons of all the proof you need. But Dr. Weng has not only seen the truth of it all and confidently put it into practice, just as a man, a physician, he is GENUINE, CARING, KIND, GENTLE and EMPATHETIC! If you are sick of the addictive and debilitating narcotics, if you are elderly and have no quality of life because no one is helping you and you feel written off by the profession, them I strongly advise you to pay a visit to this man, this healer because he WILL change your life!!! And BTW! He actually does HOUSE CALLS!! I heard it straight from the lips of one of his patients!! Yes, he still practices traditional medicine but I strongly recommend you hear him out and try his new approach. I promise from first hand experience he can and will continue change your life!!!

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flag | Submitted September 7, 2016

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