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My name is bonnie. I took my 5 day old baby girl to see Dr. Linda Cowan after the hospital my baby was born in and her pediatrician could not diagnosis my baby,they only knew something was wrong. So my first appointment with Dr. Cowan my baby was properly diagnosised with a rare syndrome. Dr. Cowan was very compassionate, she spent as much time as we needed to try to grasp what we were up against. For the next few years our visits were again at our own pace we never felt rushed with our barrage of questions. I even remember Dr. Cowan calling me back quickly when I called her multiple times with fears and concerns that first year. This woman walked me through the most difficult time of my life and I am forever greatful for her going beyond the call of duty! Recommend her? You bet your life I wil recommend her!

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flag | Submitted June 13, 2014

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