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My son was recently diagnosed with sagittal crainosynostosis (premature closure of sutures of skull bones, abnormal fusion of normal bones into one piece of bone which lead to an abnormal shape / increase intracranial pressure and maybe to blindness, also developmental delay) at the age of six months. He was being seen since he was born at agaves pediatric practice by multiple providers, we had our concerns regarding the shape of his head since he was three months old, we were reassured multiple times that this is normal, we have never been told that his anterior fontanelles were closed although he was being seen regularly checked nearly every month by multiple providers at this clinic, finally my wife decided to ask a different pediatrician at a different practice, who recognized that this is abnormal and he requested an x-ray which revealed the diagnosis very clearly and then we were referred to see a neurosurgeon who basically confirmed the diagnosis. The standard treatment for this diagnosis is only surgery and since he was diagnosed at the age of six months, he missed an opportunity of a minimally invasive technique, the benefit of this technique is basically putting the child at less and complications, include only one night stay at a hospital, Avoiding blood transfusion, Avoiding second look surgical intervention and early recognition and correction of the problem, while the conventional open surgery has a pretty fair rate of complications included bleeding, infection, need for blood transfusion, for a long hospital stay including ICU for almost 2 days and the need for second look surgical intervention. This is very disappointing as he was seen by multiple providers and no one commented on that and it's very concerning because we raised this point multiple times and nobody was listening, this practice basically lead to missing the diagnosis and delaying appropriate care in a timely fashion. Here is a list of the name of the providers that he was seeing at this practice Leslie Mortland MD, Agnes Bartha MD and Rajeev Agarwall MD - he was one month Agnes Bartha MD and Traci Lombard MD - he was 2-month old Agnes Bartha MD, Rajeev Agarwall MD- he was 3-month old Diane Smith NP, he was 4-month old - was asked about shape of head and she downgraded our concerns and said he is normal. Diane Smith NP, he was 6 months old, said he does have a flat head (flat spot) I would not take my child to see these people, they will be great, if your child is normal, but if (god forbid) you child is having issues, I am concerned that they wont handle it very well, do not waste your time and money. Your child is precious and needs a better doctor.

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flag | Submitted January 18, 2017

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