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I am not a person who would want to sabotage anyone or their business. However, as you can see, I haven't written many Yelp reviews, but, felt this was necessary. Let me start off by saying, Dr. Kamat is a sweet, knowledgeable Dr., who has a soft demeanor. I went to him about 5 times. I was looking for a new Psychiatrist, and I did like that Dr. Kamat was open on Saturdays, as it was convenient for working professionals. The first and second time dealing with Dr. Kamat's assistant who ran the front office (I think he may be a relative, older man, who came off as sweet initially) Due to a job change in my life that happens in many people's lives, I had to switch insurance in the middle of my time seeing Dr. Kamat. I went back on my husband's insurance. Mind you, I do not work in the healthcare field, and don't deal with health insurance and prior authorizations…While at my new job, I received a semi-nice voice mail from Dr. Kamat's assistant asking me to call him regarding my health insurance. When I was able to, on a lunch break, I called back and it went to voice mail. I left a message with many, many, detailed instructions that had to do with the best times to call me, before 8:30am, 12pm-1pm, after 5pm, etc. I had said it wasn’t easy to call outside those hrs. I think I finally called just to briefly leave a message, or let the assistant know that I could call back later. In the voice mail, I said my cell phone number to call. He called back right away on the number on the caller ID, my work #! My 'new' boss was right there and I said I couldn't talk. I called back when I could talk after work, and he sounded frustrated. Working in the healthcare field where you deal with a lot of run around with insurance companies, back and forth calls, etc., could take a toll on anyone. However, if you can't listen well, not speak over someone, and refrain from getting loud to a calm, easy going patient who just wants to know what's going on, don't work in that field! Long story short, unfortunately 1 claim was submitted under the wrong insurance by Aetna and I found that out later. After a few phone calls and me faxing 150% the correct information the Dr.'s assistant needed from me, most the calls just consisted of the assistant talking over me and not properly explaining things (found out later that was the case.) Basically, due to all of the 'Insurance' run around, no fault of mine which caused the Dr. not being able to get paid by the insurance company ($100) which would be without coverage and my typical co-pay, I came for another appointment thinking I could have a calm talk to the impatient, and accusatory, in-the-past-kind assistant. Basically, he yelled at me and demanded that I owe $100 and treated me like a criminal. I have had arrangements set up with Doctors in the past where I owed them $, and I just made payment arrangements, but this was just a 60 day old situation that was clearly an Insurance issue and obvious that I wasn’t refusing to pay. Even though I don’t work for the Dr., I called Aetna to try to get more info. After being yelled at and brought to tears this day at the Drs. office, the assistant stormed into the Doctor's office with the door closed to talk up a storm of how I was the issue and the problem, and wanted to let it be known prior to me talking to the Dr. At this point 2 other people were in the waiting room, and we could all hear the yelling of this assistant and the topic of conversation- that I am basically a problem. Finally, I went in to see the doctor. He showed me the paperwork that the assistant gave him, and under 10 words, explained what was needed......"What!!!!", that was all. It was simple. The assistant doesn't know how to communicate, in general, in English, not sure which, or a combination of both. This is a Psychiatrist office first of all, so being sensitive is important (I was still crying a little at this point) at any office it's important. The Doctor gave me a Kleenex and during my telling him how I was harassed and treated like a criminal, He asked if I wanted to come back so I didn't have to take up all of my appointment time to talk about my issue with his assistant. "um, hello....it isn't my choice to talk about." It's like he's an owner of a company, and I am complaining about an employee. I go to a Psychiatrist to 'assist with feeling better', not make it worse! Long story short, I completely forgot the details that were important to discuss about my treatment and to make my $40 copay worthy for services rendered. Even though the doctor handled it not so great, I would not recommend this office, 99% due to the assistant who has to be a family member if he works there and appears to have no experience dealing with health insurance, patients, or experience with knowing respect and how to communicate with a patient

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