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I first met Dr. Wagoner in 1980 having been ordered to see this man by my military "superiors" who wanted me out of the service quickly and quietly after I had been sexually assaulted in my dormitory room by my "superior". I was an E-1 and seventeen years old. I was scared, humiliated and really still in shock when I saw then Captain Wagoner. Captain Wagoner seemed on first impression to be a decent man who I may have come to trust enough to talk about what happened. Wagoner spent less than fifteen minutes with me engaging in light small talk before sending me on my way. My uniform concealed the bruises on my body. Inside my head were the bruises I have carried for thirty four years. Soon I was informed I was to be discharged upon the recommendation of Dr. Wagoner. When I asked to see the report recommendation he had written about me, Wagoner initially refused. I couldn't understand why . He seemed like a nice decent man. It took an Attorney on the base to assist me. When I saw it Wagoner told me to get out! He then barked in a sarcastic "Hup 234-Hup 234" as I left. I can still hear him chuckling along with the staff present. This man calls himself a "committed Christian".My life since has been a mix of a battle with alcoholism, broken relationships, depression, shame, humiliation with mixed success in between including serving my fellow man as an Ordained Minister and Chaplain serving Hospice clients and there families. This man in my personal opinion and experience will always be an accomplice to the 'man" who sexually assaulted me at seventeen years old. Dr, Wagoner can attempt to sue me for coming out about these statements. I am now in a unique place in my life where neither he nor anyone else can hurt me again. Bring it on Wagoner! lets tell the whole truth! After further investigation of John Harvey Wagoner, he had not been licensed or registered with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. This is the State licensing authority that over see's and regulates Clinical Psychologists and other professionals practicing in the State of Illinois. At the time of this posting, Dr. Wagoner is the subject of an investigation by that same agency over this very issue. A fact easily confirmed by calling or writing this agency (217)782-9405 and referencing case number : 2014-06837. “Dr.” Wagoner was twenty nine years old at the time of our meeting. He had purported to have completed his Ph.D, as well as his APA approved Psychology internship and one year of post doctoral training. Not impossible. But highly unlikely. Certainly if he had indeed satisfied all requirements he was living proof that with education does not necessarily come compassion, wisdom and a sense of fairness and integrity

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