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I'm sorry to say that I never got past the receptionist to see Dr. Gellner, so this by no means says SHE is a good/bad eye doctor. What I do know is that when I called and said that the patient would be a medi-cal patient, I was told I had to go there in person to make the appointment. The receptionist was on edge and very unpleasant. I went directly there, she checked, said she needed to get permission since it was a "re-exam" then had me fill out paperwork. I put our first phone conversation aside.. and thought I would look past it and work towards the appointment. Since it was a "new customer" we had a 3 week waiting period.. 3 weeks later, I got a "confirmation" call yesterday... this morning, I was called and informed, by said receptionist, that since we were now in a "new" month, she had to have the o.k. again from Medi-cal and partners.. and when she called, they declined it... When I said it was "frustrating"... she went on to lecture me that it was NOT their fault, but the fault of the insurance.. That this was new.. etc.. etc.... I mentioned that working with her has been a hassle from day one, only to be lectured some more.. I was not allowed a word during her lecture.. I was told that Dr. Gellner comes in on Thursdays on her day off to do new patients.. etc.. etc..." Whatever happened to the old "customer respect" idea?! At this point, I chose to cancel the appointment, and will go someplace else, where the receptionist is also pleasant to work with.. Sorry Dr. Gellner.. you might want to discuss with your receptionist how to work better with your "new" patients.. I'm sure I'm not the first... nor the last!

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flag | Submitted September 11, 2014

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