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I received orthodontic treatment from SW Dental Ortho for $1500. I was advised that the treatment would be completed in a short 6 months. The orthodontist hardly make any changes when I came in for adjustments. When we were almost at the 6 month mark, I noticed my teeth had hardly moved so I inquired reminded the doctor that he advised the treatment would only take 6 months. After this conversation, the progress was still really slow and after months he told me that his work was finished and it was time to remove the braces. I reviewed my teeth in the mirror and was not satisfied with the orthodontist wanting to remove my braces already as my teeth were still not perfectly straight. At one point, when I complained about a tooth out of place, he physically moved the tooth with his hand and jerked it into position. I am sure this was not healthy for my tooth as he could have easily caused it to fall out. He continued to work on my teeth in the following months and after I had the braces on for a year and a half the doctor was ready to take my braces off again and that it was the straightest that he could make them. I went to a second orthodontics office (I do not remember which one) for a second opinion and the doctor looked at my teeth and said that my teeth could easily be made straighter and he could make them perfect just as I wanted. After finding out that my original orthodontist is a friend of his, he denied me treatment. I was exausted with dealing with SW Dental Orthodontist so I advised that I would like my braces taken off. The doctor explained that he would be able to smooth the ridges on the front teeth for a cleaner appearance as a part of the braces package once I get my braces off. I accepted and he proceeded to smoothe the ridges and handed me a mirror to see his finished work. I noticed that he had shaved my teeth at a slant and they were not horizontally straight. I pointed this out and he then took the tool to my teeth to do more shaving. The second time he handed me the mirror I noticed that they were still not horizontally straight. At this piont, this was turning into a nightmare. I was getting really scared at this point because he kept handing me the mirror saying he was done and there was obviously a problem. He then made a third attempt to shave the edge of my teeth and this time it was okay. Once I received my retainer, I was advised to wear them 24-7 for 6 months and then only at night after that. I wore my retainer 24/7 for 6 months and only at night after that. After transtioning to only wearing the retainer at night, I noticed that when I took my retainer out in the morning, the teeth in the front bottom set would shift. This was noticiable both physically and visually. When it was time to put my retainer back in, I could see in the mirror that my teeth had moved. Luckily, I am still able to put my retainer on and my teeth move back to the position of the retainer by morning. The only way to prevent my teeth from moving is to wear the retainer 24 / 7 which is not something anyone wants to do for the rest of their life. I would like to see a new orthodontist willing to provide orthodontic treatment so that I can have my teeth fixed as they are obviously not set in a way that they are comfortable.. making them move around every 8 hours when I take my retainer out. I would like SW Dental Ortho to pay for this treatment since I do not trust receiving services from their offices anymore and do not beleive that I should have to pay more money for a service I already paid for. I have contacted their office and received rude customer service and was advised that they will not pay any money to get my teeth fixed.

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flag | Submitted September 22, 2014

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