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Dr. Thomas Obisesan MD, is basically whether this author of review uses acrolect, basilect, or mesolect, a terrible representative of the human medical sciences for this review. He has a position currently at Howard University which undermines legislative changes made as a result of the infamous 40-Year Tuskegee Experiment; this not only hurts the qualitative research which Howard's scientific history has achieved for the last 150 years, but it is with ideas of litigious normalcy for matters of research compliance, the comorbidity of seriocomic [academic and non-academic] and tireless Federal criticism for systemic failures which scar the face of public policy. It appears he censored and lied about data concerning compliance for medical testing on research concerning children, specifically for HIV and Sickle Cell Anemia. Children of the African American community for Washington, D.C., should not have to undergo any compliance violations against them by a Historic Black College, with rights and changes made since the end of testing marginalization against African Americans for experiments such as Tuskegee's. Dr. Obisesan claims to be an American citizen of African American personhood, yet he cryptically censors and plagiarizes the rights of African American test subjects who seek help and treatment but because of compliance scandals, don't receive help or treatment with the compliance of a rational basis of Federal Law with teeth for any rational basis of law review. Dr. Obisesan has not only broken the social contracts of the African American for both normalcy and modernity of the medical sciences but it appears he is allergic to Federal Law concerning the matter as well. This isn't a one time slip on Obisesan's part but almost a decade of failure after failure recorded, as if it was a negative and unthinkable ethnography for the medical sciences concerning minority subjects. Dr. Obisesan is a published disgrace. Please read the letter addressed to Thomas Obisesan, if it suits your interest to be his patient, maybe the following letter by the Federal Government will change your mind: https://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/compliance-and-reporting/determination-letters/2015/may-7-2015-howard-university/index.html Findings of letter in brief "May 7, 2015 - Howard University May 7, 2015 Thomas Obisesan, M.D. Associate Vice President for Regulatory and Research Compliance Howard University Howard University Research Building 1 1840 7th Street, N.W. Suite 308 Washington, DC 20001 RE: Human Research Subject Protections Under Federalwide Assurance (FWA)-891 Compliance Oversight Determinations A. 7. Contingent Approval of Research with Substantive Changes and no Additional Review by the Convened IRB. A. 12. Failure to Conduct Continuing Review at Least Once per Year. F. 25. Failure to Document Informed Consent or of the IRB to Appropriately Waive the Requirement to Document Informed Consent. F. 26. Failure to Provide a Copy of the Informed Consent Document (ICD) to the Subject or the Subject's Legally Authorized Representative. F. 27. Inadequate ICD for Specific Research/Lack of Basic Elements." STEPHEN VERGES [GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY '12]

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flag | Submitted October 26, 2017

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