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I was a patient of this doctor for over a decade. For the greater part of that time the worst thing he had to "treat" me for was general anxiety disorder and tonsillitis. This past November I went to him because I had sudden severe attack of nerve pain that was unrelenting and from head to toe. I thought I was dying. He sent me for one blood test to rule out Lymes disease. When I returned to his office for a follow up appointment and told him that I was still in pain, that I was hounded by bouts of fatigue, gastro problems, and inquired about further testing; he told me: "You're in pain, you might always be in pain, but you're not dead: Glass Half Full." ...and refused to do further testing and I, in a state of complete shock that a doctor I've had for almost 15 years would ignore my suffering, left his office to seek help elsewhere. I wonder if Dr. James Henry would have said to his Mother, or his Daughter, if they were struck with a painful, sometimes disabling, illness: "You're in pain, you might always be in pain, but you're not dead: Glass Half Full." ...and refuse them further testing & treatment. I sincerely doubt it. I returned to the practice where he "treats" to see another doctor (GI), and while I was there I got a copy of my medical record. I was shocked by what I read. His documentation was horrendous. There are whole sentences that make no sense. He uses words that don't even exist in the dictionary, and they aren't medical terms either! He writes in his documentation that he spends 40-50 minutes with me - that has never happened. He's never spent more than 20 minutes with me! So, he's clearly padding to get more money from the insurer. He copies and pastes that he discussed things with me during the visit that he, in fact, did not. He often doesn't even list my actual reason for visits and the medical history he had for me was so bad that I actually got a call from the GI to clarify some things, because the record was loaded with contradictions. For instance, he listed my parents as dead (they are very much alive). He clearly mistakes me for other patients in some reports, and he is highly judgmental of me personally in others. His documentation is littered with what I read as anger. He has poor bedside manner and can be unpleasant if you present with an illness and hope to be tested & treated. If you walk in relatively healthy and don't present a medical challenge to him, he will happily smile and entertain you and see to it that you are scheduled for well visits you won't need, and put few to no refill limits on long term, low risk medications just to keep you coming back. He only cares about his wallet and his politics.

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