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Do not use this guy. He took over for Tom Stewart in Stillwater.. Tom did some work on ONLY my lower teeth as agreed. The work was satisfactory and I left with both upper and lower retainers to keep my newly uncrowded lower teeth in line. A year or so later my upper retainer broke and I went in for a new retainer. Dr Tom had been replaced by Scott Schuessler at the same office. So I let the new guy make me a replacement top retainer. I thought it felt a little tight. A few months later my mother says it looks like I have had a stroke. Looking in the mirror I realize that my entire upper has been shifted several millimeters to the right. Schuessler had NOT given me a copy of my broken retainer. He had put something in my mouth that basically destroyed Dr Toms work of uncrowding my lowers, shifted my naturally perfect uppers, ruined my bite, caused me to snore and misaligned my teeth so badly as too grind off the top edges and cause splitting and cracks in the sides . My Dentist was very unhappy. When I asked Schuessler how he was going to repair the damage he had caused- he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about and tried to shift the blame(to Tom, to computer, to employees) Certainly didn't like me complaining loudly. I don't know if this Schuessler is incompetent, ill trained or lazy. Maybe he just didnt like having to maintain Dr. Toms already paid up clients? Schuessler obviously didn't bother to even look at my file. I had spent $2000 for a simple procedure and had a 'good mouth'. Until a BAD REPLACEMENT RETAINER from Schuessler ruined it all. Having found a QUALIFIED Ortho I learn it is going to cost almost $8000 to repair the damage caused by what Schuessler did to my mouth. to do it.

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flag | Submitted December 28, 2014

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