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Dr. Schmidt is patient and explains everything thoroughly. He even drew a picture of the wrist to show me what would be done during surgery. I received endoscopic carpel tunnel surgery. My wrist and hand were hurting me and my fingers were numb without relief for several months. I tried over the counter therapy, wrist braces, excercize and nothing helped and the condition worsened. I am under 40 so I was surprised that this could progress so quickly! The doctor explained that if I didn't have the constant numbness, he would recommend conservative treatment like physical therapy. He knew it was carpal from the start but I insisted on a nerve conduction test to be 100% positive. I was not going to let someone tear my hand open without 100% proof that the condition was carpal tunnel and not something else! Yup, carpel it was. The operation lasted 17 minutes! That's it. I was back up and running that day with minimal discomfort. Didn't even take a pain killer, not even Motrin! Two tiny stitches which came out 2 weeks later. Haven't had a problem since. I would recommend him as a doctor but, boy, does he make you wait! I was going to the doctor during lunch breaks and early mornings. I had to see him twice before surgery and twice after. The first time was during night hours. Once a week, they have late office hours and I was seen right away. The second time was at 8:30 am and I waited over an hour to see him! After surgery, I had a quick check in to make sure the stitches looked good and everything was okay. I arrived promptly at 11:30, waited until 12:45 to see him and was out by 1. Why did I have to wait an hour and 15 minutes for a 15 minute appointment!? When I went back to get my stitches removed I waited 45 minutes to see the doctor. I get that doctors are busy, I really do and I respect that. I get that they have to cram a lot of patients into one day. But please please please, get better at time management. 15/30 minutes I can understand but an hour and a half?! Really?! This is unfair to patients who need to work for a living and plan their days around appointments. Please fix this as it ruined an otherwise decent experience with a doctor which is something an iatrophobic person, like myself, almost never says!

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flag | Submitted December 1, 2015

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  • Louisiana State University School Of Medicine In New Orleans (Grad. 1980)

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