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I have had many harsh experiences with ageist and even psychologically abusive doctors, but none has ever been as tyrannical and callous as Dr. Hayward. She didn't even deal with the reason for my appointment at all! I had many CFS-like symptoms relating to physical burnout in school that caused me to plummet from being the top ace & overachiever in all my classes to a failing student. This in turn led to severe depression as I struggled to cope. Rather than investigating whether there were neurological causes to some of my symptoms such as blackouts, as soon as I sat down, she spent much of the time berating me for my presumed laziness and apathy towards academics! For one that had been chided as an unhealthy workaholic and perfectionist by teachers in school, and that had been in absolute anguish from no longer being able to actively work at everything he longed to do due to frequent blackouts, this only *contributed* to my grief. But she did not cease her accusations of me as a liar and a sloth and then turned over to condemning me for "terrorizing" my mother, who I had poor relations with as a result of childhood abuse. When I implied that, she insensitively dismissed it, and then commanded my mother to reassert her authority over me by confiscating all my access to electronics, grounding me indefinitely, and severing all my connections to my friends, who were my only source of solace and comfort. And when I objected that this would only aggravate my depression and was also punishment for charges of laziness and "terrorizing my mother" that I was innocent of, she brushed these aside by saying "that's why you go see a therapist." Not everyone benefits from psychotherapy; I certainly didn't, and my therapist ultimately understood that I was no *chronically* depressed in the first place. I am the kind of person that would never submit to such brutal tyranny that she advocated, and when I said this? She taunted, "then maybe you don't deserve to live here [if you were my son]." "Maybe I don't." In summary, not only did she not even do her job that I came to see her for, but she spent the entire meeting disparaging me for crimes I were not guilty of, which she believed for no other reason than ageism & my mother's gossip-mongering. No other doctor has ever been so blatantly sacrilegious to the doctor-patient relationship, not even giving me a chance to speak. She promoted authoritarianism and brute force as the only method by which solutions could be contrived. Her suggested solutions above amounts to an advocacy of child abuse as legitimate forms of discipline & expressed little regard for a healthy parent-child relationship founded on love and mutual understanding. In my honest perspective, I believe that if she had been queen of the world, her autocracy would have given rise to outbreaks of human rights protests that she would've repressed on account of how "immature" and "evil" she deemed them to be regardless of how peaceful the demonstrations were. She needs to learn to understand that she isn't always right; that she can't just judge a random stranger based on rumors the second he walks in, that you have to be open to the perspectives of other parties, and that even if she were right, being a control freak will only hide the problems under an illusion, not remedy them.

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flag | Submitted February 5, 2015

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