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First of all, let me start off by saying that I have always gone to Kaiser Medical for alll my medical needs. I have had chronic and intensely photosensitive migraines all my life (age 3 or 4). I was told to adjust my diet, stress management, anger management, that maybe I was just making it up... Anyway, turns out, I have mild scoliosis.... In my 24 years of life, do you know how many of my doctors managed to diagnose it? ZERO. Doctor Rood is the first person ever to tell me, "This is not in your head, you are not just 'seeing things', the imbalances and weaknesses you feel are due to your back deviating ten degrees." Since I started treatment with him, I have seen *major* improvement in my muscle growth, balance, flexibility (which I didn't think was possible since I am double jointed) as well as I am overall a more pleasant person to be around thanks to not being in constant pain. He has literally helped with my quality of life, and I think I have only done four or five sessions! I have so much faith in him as well as physical results (my tail bone is going back where its supposed to be, wearing frilly things now looks like how the model wears it and not all weird like I have a reverse hunch back, lol!) that I started bringing my husband in. He has had issues with heartburn all his life as well as clearly visible body asymmetry. He was taught excersices to do every day in order to alleviate discomfort. I can now let you all know he is no longer popping Tums like Pez dispensers AND he is experiencing less pain despite having a desk job for eight hours every day. I plan on bringing my siblings as well as other younger family members in order to help them learn how to be one with their body, instead of fighting off pain every day. Truly, I believe I won't be needing a traditional doctor for anything other than truly terrible emergencies. (knock on wood!).

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