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My Chubby Little Darlings...sixty pounds a month with no diet and no exercise, and no requirement to cut off your leg to lose the weight? You're over-weight, not stupid!!! I know it's tempting, but, don't do it.. If and when someone comes up with a cure-all for excess weight that allows for these claims, I'm sure it will be on the national news. I'm also sure the discoverer of such a treatment would not be operating out of a darkened borrowed office in obscurity on the weekends. Before you finally are able to get out of the office, in fear, repulsion, and absolute disgust at the lies you're fed, he'll have your money, along with a signed waiver, allowing for no refund of your money. Be sure to see him on a Saturday and pay only by check....that way you'll be able to stop payment Monday morning. It will be only once you're safely back in your car that you'll realize that you have no contract, no receipt, nothing to show you've ever even been there. If you insist on suspending your logic and go in for a consultation, jump on his scale when he's out of the room, and discover you've already lost twenty pounds! In my opinion, this guy has no training....he's not even a medical doctor, and, as such, there's no oversight of his behavior by any medical board. He's there, working on the weekend, for one purpose only...to part you from your money. Visit a website, Biotrust.com, if you still believe there's a way to lose weight easily. This site offers what I believe to be the same exact program as Dr. Gibson, for less than a third of the cost. The obvious other differences between Biotrust's website and Dr. Gibson, include that the site claims only a three pound loss per week, as opposed to Dr. Gibson's claim of fifteen pounds a week. Extrapolate it out, My Darlings...in one month, you can lose sixty pounds, with no sagging skin, no suffering, no medical exam, no medical oversight, and no effort! Biotrust also offers a year long money back guarantee...Dr. Gibson's program is non-refundable. Biotrust lists the exact ingredients in it snake oil,, while Dr. Gibson claims the supplements and content are proprietary. Why in the world would anyone ingest unknown substances on the word of someone with no credentials in weight loss or, for that matter, in recognized medicine? Anyway, good luck, Darlings. I hope I've saved you from any more hardship.....I believe you may lose money at Dr. Gibson's Weight Loss Center, but, not weight. I'll see you at Catherine's or Lane Bryant!

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flag | Submitted April 14, 2015

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