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My family and I have been loyal customers for almost ten years. However, I will never give this establishment a dollar of my hard earned money. Due to, the incident I experienced with them today. I called to get some new contacts, in which the receptionist informed me that I could not get new contacts until I had a new eye exam. Okay, fine. However, I am darn near blind so what am I going to do until then? Not see? I asked, the lady. She then responds hold on let me see if he can give you some temporary ones. That's when Dr. Montella gets on the phone and reinstates what the receptionist mentioned about me getting a new exam. So thats when I asked him when was the last time I purchased contacts through them and he responded that it did not matter. I then proceeded to tell him that I have the right to ask and thats when he told me to shut up and hung up on me. I was in a complete an total shock! I have been coming to this man since I was a little girl to be treated with so much disrespect was sickening! I expressed, my feelings to the receptionist who wasn't any friendlier and just as disrespectful. Because she made it clear that she could give two craps! She concluded by telling whenever you want your contacts come in for a new eye exam. Really after this man just disrespected me? I told her I would not make an appointment until he apologized because he was completely out of line she chuckled and said you won't get that.. Therefore, I will never put another dollar into this establishment! Customer Service matters! Prove this by not going here. Because he obviously thinks its okay to have regular customers an then just randomly disrespect them when he deems fit. His attitude has never bern the best but not this bad. As if the money we provide is not what keeps his doors open! So please look else where because he may be somewhat nice intially but I am proof that it is not everlasting!

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flag | Submitted December 22, 2014

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