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I chose Dr. Fazio to be my PCP because his name came up first on the list of Emblem Health PCPs in my area. I had my initial and final appointment with him on June 1st, 2015. He did a pre-surgery checklist that included blood work and a tetanus injection. I discussed my diagnosis of cancer and upcoming surgery with him as well. Later that week (June 4th), I met with my surgeon at Mount Sinai Medical Center. I was given some pre-surgery forms to be filled out by my PCP and faxed back to the fax number on the forms. I dropped off these forms to Dr. Fazio’s office on June 5th so that they could be quickly handled and faxed back in preparation for my surgery on 6/26 2 weeks later, I got a phone call from my surgeon's office telling me that they hadn’t received the forms and that they needed them right away. I called Dr. Fazio’s office and asked if they could fax the forms over to Dr. Genden’s office. The secretary asked me to which fax number she should fax them. I replied that she should use the number given on the forms. Then she repeated her question to me as to which fax number to use. I then asked her what fax number is provided on the forms. She replied that I was talking in circles. At that moment, Dr. Fazio picked up the phone and asked what I was calling about. As I started to explain, he interrupted me and said “You be quiet for a moment and listen to me. We sent the referrals that you asked for.” I replied that that wasn’t what I was calling about and that the surgeon needed the forms right away. He replied that that they did not send them yet because if he had sent them that early, the surgeon’s office would lose them and that they would have to fax them again later. After that call, I went to Dr. Fazio’s office and picked up the forms so that I could fax them myself. On 6/26th, I had surgery at Mount Sinai. My surgeon gave me the names of the radiation oncologist and the chemotherapy oncologist that he wanted me to be treated by. I gave the names to Dr. Fazio’s secretary so that I could get the necessary referrals. I scheduled appointments for the oncologists. I was to meet with one early the following week. That friday morning, I got a call from Dr. Gupta’s office asking me if my PCP’s office was open because they hadn’t received the referral for the upcoming appointment. They also said they couldn’t get through to Dr. Fazio’s office by phone even though it was friday morning during regular posted office hours. So I went to his office. There was no receptionist in the office, only a patient in the waiting room. Dr. Fazio came out and called the waiting patient back to a back room and then came back to talk to me. I told him that Dr. Gupta’s office hadn’t received the referral and couldn’t reach his office after repeatedly calling. He angrily said that the referrals had been taken care of and asked when my appointment was. I told him that it was on the following Tuesday. Dr. Fazio said the reason the referral wasn’t sent was because Dr. Gupta wasn’t in the Emblem network and that I should be calling my insurance company instead of coming to his office. Then he said that I should not return to his office again because it disrupts the office. Instead, I should only contact him by phone. I went back home and called Dr. Gupta’s office to find out if he indeed is covered by my insurance. They told me that yes, he is in the Emblem network and that there was no way that the referral could have been faxed to them because they don’t use a regular fax machine: All faxes go to a computer that creates a record of everything that gets sent to them, While I was still on the phone, one of the co-workers in Dr. Gupta’s office notified him that they had just received the referral from Dr. Fazio at that very moment. I was relieved. Five minutes later, Dr. Fazio called me and told me that his secretary had faxed the referrals two weeks prior and if they checked their records, they would find it. He had no idea that I knew he had just sent it. He then told me that if I don’t like his office hours or his business practices, then I should find another doctor. I said that I might just do that and subsequently did so. The most shocking thing to me regarding my experiences with Dr. Fazio is how callously and unempathetically I was treated, especially during the most terrifying time in my life. I was consistently courteous and polite and in no way did I deserve the treatment I received as a patient of Dr. Fazio’s. I lost so many nights of sleep over this and am still trying to reconcile why he thought I should be berated and lied to after he has sworn to uphold the Hippocratic Oath. I hope and pray that I am the only person in his years of practice whom he has treated so inhumanely, but I somehow doubt that.

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flag | Submitted August 21, 2017

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