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Do not see if you have a health problem that needs fixing. She does not perform examinations or diagnostic testing. She uses a stethoscope to listen to your chest and back, and this is the totality of her examination. She "referred" me to a specialist by writing a number on a Post It note, I called the number and that specialist does not accept my insurance. She was sloppy, lazy, and unhelpful. The only task she seemed engaged in performing was making sure she would get paid. Dr. Jasthi is a top shelf biller, she failed in every other respect. The staff is friendly and competent. They do their jobs well and you'll go into your appointment confidently. When you meet Dr. Jasthi, she grins widely and you expect her to be helpful and inquisitive about solving your issue. But Jasthi reveals herself to have low knowledge, low skill and low effort. She makes terribly flippant excuses as to why she will not perform examinations or diagnostics. She rudely speaks over patients during her rapid-fire questioning and REPEATEDLY forgets important information you had told her 30 seconds prior. She really rushes toward the end and you realize when it ends that she allotted you precisely FIFTEEN MINUTES and not a second more, she literally stood up at 11:30 in the middle of a sentence and left the room to end my "appointment." Visting Dr. Jasthi will be a 15 fast minutes of your life, whatever ailment you have is of zero interest to her. She will not even refer you to a more competent doctor properly, she cares about as much as scribbling an out of network specialist on a scrap of paper. This practice is a "fast-food" style practice: Jasthi wants people coming in and out in 15 minutes or less. She does not want to solve your medical problem, she just wants to get your money and send you on your way without service. It was a terrible, demoralizing experience.

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flag | Submitted September 2, 2014

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