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I would strongly discourage anyone with cancer from seeing this doctor. I am sure his courses of treatment are fine, but his patient care and communication skills are severely lacking. My father had cancer for 5+ years and when things took a turn for the worse, Dr. Eikram did not have the decency to let him or my family know how bad things really were to give us the time to prepare. It was only after his admission to the hospital that we found out that he had only a couple of weeks left with us. Not only was Dr. Eikram afraid to give bad news (which is a whole other issue when you are an oncologist...) but he lied to my family by saying he had spoken to us about hospice for months. When the cancer had metastasized to other areas of his body, Dr. Eikram did not tell my parents. They had to find out everything from a nurse in radiology after my mom started to suspect that they weren't getting all of the information from Dr. Eikram. Once we knew about all of the mets and that he wasn't going to get better, my parents tried to get information out of Dr. Eikram about how long he had and what to expect at the end and he always said "we're not there yet. Don't worry about that right now" but come to find out, we were there. All we wanted was to know what to expect and to be prepared but he was too careless and disinterested to help his patient. The nurses in oncology are absolutely amazing. When my mom and I talked to them after my dad started hospice, they gave us hugs and a couple of them were teary-eyed. They truly care about their patients but I cannot say the same for Dr. Eikram. Hoping this review will help keep another family from going through what we went through at the end of my dad's life because of this scum that has the audacity to call himself a doctor.

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flag | Submitted March 6, 2016

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