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Dr. Hoppmann was rude, short and impersonal. First, he is the only doctor I have ever seen who requires a female nurse to be in the room with him at all times when dealing with a female patient. That should have been my first red flag. Second, he put me on the defensive right away at my first appt. by telling me that I shouldn't be taking the medicine my previous doctor at the same clinic prescribed. He continued that anyone who watches the news should know this is a dangerous medication to be on. So I asked him what solution he had for my chronic UTIs and he said, "nothing". The next 5 - 10 mins of conversation was condesending and unhelpful (I have struggled with UTIs for 8+ years and am very informed about proper hygiene and how sexual intercourse can cause UTIs, however, he proceeded to make me feel stupid and defensive by explaining basic hygiene and how bad antibiotics are). All of that back and forth could have been eliminated had he simply read my file which included my history at that clinic with my two previous doctors. To make matters worse he told me he would refill my prescription for Macrobid, which is when both the nurse and I told him that was not the prescription I was on the past year. He hadn't even read my file enough to know I had not been prescribed Macrobid for over a year. So he prescribed the same meds my previous doctor did and sent me on my way. Considering he had been lecturing me about taking the wrong drug for the past 15-20 mins, I believe he is incompetent. I would NEVER recommend him to anyone, especially a woman. The only good thing about my appt. was the nurse and the receptionists. As I told the kind nurse, I will be switching doctors.

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flag | Submitted September 17, 2014

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