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I came to this doctor after already seeing twenty specials in five years. I was totally bedridden vomiting 3-9 times a day sleeping 3 hours if that a night dizzy vertigo literally seeing and hearing stuff from years of being sleep deprived every treatment medication OTC and alternative like acupuncture or massage or pt cortisone injections all sorts of medication from depression meds to seizure drugs to nerve drugs to pain killers sedatives. I had tried something insane like 98 different meds in the 5 years before being referred here. I had spent the last year in bed with vicious migraines 24-7 day in and day out for an entire year no medication offered any relief at this time i was put on list for medical marijuana as there was nothing left to try me on. When I found out there was a local fibro specialist that took my insurance I was ecstatic mind you for a year I had been told over and over that there was no hope of recovery and basically id be in bed like this for the rest of my life just keeping me comfortable as possible. The appointment seemed to start off well i got this questionnaire which was very through and had a rating system. It was depressing to keep circling the worst possible scenario how often do you get out - never do you have friends nope - do you sleep no whats your pain level average 9 but I figured this rating system must have some purpose. I was scoring at the most severe level so maybe now finally someone was going to do something before I dropped dead just maybe? However, after being called into the office the tone of the appointment went from good to horrible in minutes. I was asked my diagnosis but I didn't even get them all out before I was cut off being called weak minded lazy unmotivated . I was in shock this woman just met me two minutes ago but was making statements about my character horrible ones that she assumed I was simply because I was not working. I was bedridden vomiting 3-9 times a day I don't think there was any need for further clarification of why I was not employed I had lost all 3 of jobs that I had before becoming ill for too many sick days er visits days off for doctor appointments they say you cant get fired but that's a lie i did my Fmla didn't make no difference when they wanted me gone a 5 year star employee who even was pictured in the company catalog because I was suddenly a bad employee. I was weak minded but had lived through multiple tragedies and still managed to graduate college which i had to pay on my own working 2-3 jobs while I maintained deans list status. I tried to reason with this woman tell her who I was, what I had accomplished in my life etc but she wouldn't hear a word. She kept interrupting I tried to tell her I had other conditions besides for just fibroid - she wasn't dealing with a perfectly healthy person I had sciatica a disc bulge in my neck possibly croons disease because of all my stomach issues but i was waiting six months to get in with a gastroenteritis doctor but i don't even think I was able to get a second diagnoses out before I was told that if I was going to remain sick my life had no purpose in the state I was in and she didn't stop there I had no value in society without a job. I was literally this close to having all my dreams come true but one day I decided after years of hard work that I wanted to be lazy and unmotivated. And the 5 years I spent running from doctor to doctor trying medication after medication that gave me horrible side effects most of time more dehibating than the original issue I was trying to avoid. I spent hundreds of dollars out of my own pocket, out of my husbands money for massages acupuncture super food shakes diet plans herbal supplements vitamins bath soaks aromatherapy which if she wanted if she listened I could have easily proved that I had indeed spent my own money on these treatments just to waste money for pretend? So after I leave I spend the next 2 days thinking about sucide. To this day and its been months I just have not been well enough to write a review or anything else I am terrified about meeting another doctor and have panic attacks for days before appointments. I was made to feel so low and useless and I don't understand how that at all was supposed to help me. I didn't see another doctor for a long time after this and truly would have let myself die rather than be treated like this ever again.

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flag | Submitted August 17, 2016

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