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I have had nothing but good exp w/ Todd until 2 weeks ago. I have never been made to feel so small as a human being by any other doctor. Yes everyone has a bad day, but he was all smiles when he was suggesting (not directly,but as in the pwr of sugg, planting a seed) surgery. my elbow was still hurting after cortisone inj, he had a grin on his face and said, "you should know by now if the crtsn injection is going to work." He made a comparison, and I wanted a little more convncg. He smugly sat down in his chair with another grin, folded his arms, crossed his legs and with another smile said "surgery is something you might want to consider." I just needed a little more convincing. I have had 2 surgns in my life almost scrw me ovr. One wanted to fuse two of my vertebrae at 21 yrs old, the other tld me it was too late to do a procedure, which I got a 2d opin from Todd. He took a chance and pulled a miracle out of his hat. Now, asking the same question in a diffnt way to try to get a drct answer, he kept saying "you should know by now" and every time he anwrd the same question he got more agitated. When he left the room he wldn't even look at me, didn't shake my hand. In the few weeks since Ive seen him last, the elbow has healed completely and is not giving me any pain. I have been gradually stress testing it to see if I can get a pain reaction, and have not had a pain reaction. This is now the 3 surgeon I've expncd that have been just a little too eager to do surgery when not necessary. You use a hammer too much you start to think of everything like a nail. I'm going back to DMOS in Dsm. There are no generalists there, only specialists. Shoulders and elbows are done exclusively by doctors that specialize in shoulders and elbows doctors, and so on. Knee and hip spclsts only. The guy that did my hip (Dr. Goetz, from Creston [Iowa guy] has done a fellowship at Harvard Medical School and has done over 2,100 hip surgeries. I felt I was being treated like white trash. I don't really dress nice most of the time, though I could. I felt he was thinking I was white trash that was just too stupid to take the hint. Like I said, everyone has a bad day, but he seemed to be in a giddy mood until it was clear I was very reluctant to have surgery and again, "couldn't take the hint."

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flag | Submitted February 15, 2017

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