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I used to recommend Dr. Mark Arena to my friends until one day, when he replaced my two front crowns. After the crowns were already cemented and without taking any time for an evaluation of my bite, Dr. Arena decided to grind my front teeth. I had a very comfortable bite until this moment and I've never complained about it. Unfortunately, Dr. Arena, without even asking for my permission, carelessly adjusted my bite. Later I was told that a general dentist should never attempt to adjust a bite without an orthodontic consultation first. In a few days all my teeth were so sore that I couldn’t even touch them with my tongue. When I returned to Dr. Arena complaining about the pain and asking for an evaluation of the problem, Dr. Arena refused to examine my teeth. Instead he decided to create a night guard for my lower teeth. He told me that I should wait up to half a year for my bite to stabilize and the pain would go away. The guard was useless. Each night I had to take the guard on and off every few minutes, just to be able to get some sleep. I decided to go to another dentist for an evaluation. It was the first time that my bite was examined. He told me that the best way to fix the problem was to replace my new front crowns. He promised to talk to Dr. Arena about it, but Dr. Arena refused to replace them. He guaranteed me that he would fix my bite by slightly adjusting it over a few visits. That day he ground some teeth and there was an instant improvement. Over the next few months Dr. Arena attempted to solve the problem that he created, by grinding my teeth all over my mouth. He reduced my pain, but he inflicted more damage to my other teeth and he messed up my bite even further. Dr. Arena could have easily fixed his initial mistake of grinding my new crowns by replacing them. Instead he made an even worse error by believing he would fix the problem by grinding my neighboring healthy teeth. Fortunately I found a great prosthodontist who fixed the damage done to my bite by Dr. Arena. It cost me many hours in his dental office and over $10,000 in fees, and that was only for the bite -- the damage done to my natural teeth will never be fixed. I wish I was never Dr. Arena's patient.

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Submitted February 16, 2015

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