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Dr. Rebecca J. Brock (OBGYN) claimed to be the patient's friend, and since they knew each other in college. Dr. Brock recommended that patient see an OBGYN (name on this doctor is still pending). The OBGYN found a lump on the patient's right breast, and recommended a Dr. Edward Felix, a oncology surgeon, to determine whether it was cancer. The patient discussed the visit with Dr. Brock, but Dr. Brock refused any advise. Dr. Brock consulted with her attorney (boyfriend) Mark Smallhouse. Dr. Brock said that it would be illegal to consult with the patient since she was not a doctor, but just a friend. Dr. Felix used a large needle to remove fluid from the patient. He then held the fluid to the light and said "it was murky" and needed to cut into the breast to take a bigger sample. The procedure was promptly completed. During the surgery the patient was awake and could feel the doctor cutting her right breast open, and he applied pressure and massaged her right breast. Dr. Felix was talking to the patient the entire time and appeared to be coming on to her. The nurse objected to his procedure. After a few minutes the patient was released and was told that the pathology indicated that there was no cancer. Before the surgery Dr. Felix ordered the patient to be mammogram'ed. Dr. Richardson mammogram'ed the patient and he told the patient that "lumps do not turn into cancer". Despite of this information, Dr. Felix insisted on the surgery. Dr. Rebecca J. Brock refused to have anything to do with the patient after this procedure, but the patient continued to try to make contact with Dr. Brock. Dr. Felix caused severe tissue damage, and the patient experienced excessive fluid collection that needed to be aspirated over the next 10 years. Several other doctors were involved, and they completed mammogram procedures as a result of the the gigantic fluid collections during those 10 years. The patient visited with Dr. Emily Jones, but Dr. Jones did not proceed with more surgery. Dr. Deborah L. Friedman completed a mammogram and decided to amputate the patient's right breast, but she needed to collect samples from the right breast, and have them analyzed by pathologists. Dr. Cathryn Rose, collected samples from the patient's right and left breasts, and instead of sending them off to the pathologists, she claims that she prepared the slides, and disgnosed the patient. The patient says it took Dr. Rose a few minutes to complete the pathology analysis and complete a diagnosis. Dr. Rose told the patient that her cells were "irregularly shaped and that she had cancer". Dr. Rose advised the patient that she needed to amputate the right breast. Dr. Rose did not like what the pathologists wrote on the first report since it would not be enough to amputate the right breast, and demanded another pathology report. The pathologist complied, and a second report was written so that the right breast could be amputated, and there could be no argument. The patient then decided to find another breast cancer clinic in the State of California, but the patient was honest with Dr. Irene L. Wapnir and told this doctor that she was seeing Dr. James S. Gray, a psychiatrist and that he had diagnosed the patient with a behavioral problem. Dr. Irene L.Wapnir, a oncologist, then recommended that both right and left breast be removed. All 10 tests proved that there was NO NEED to proceed with a radical amputation of both mammary glands, but Dr. Kim (Dr. James S. Gray, et. al) did not care and proceeded with the amputations. Dr. Kim ordered the patient to leave the hospital the day after the radical amputations, and on this same day she wrote in the patient's medical file, that: she amputated to cure the patient's behavioral disorder. Dr. Kim told the patient that she could work, but the patient had not healed, and this resulted in temporary blindness on my patient's right eye. Approximately, five days before the amputations, the patient finally was able to make contact with Dr. Rebecca J. Brock. Dr. Brock recommended the radical amputations. After the amputations, Dr. Brock called the patient and told her that one in eight women have cancer. Three days before the amputations Dr. James S. Gray told the patient that she would "....need to take more Loranzepam (addictive drug)....." The patient constantly reminded Dr. James S. Gray about his statement and he did not deny it, and began to display anger and ordered her into a mental ward three times, and she was forced to pay. Dr. James S. Gray (a married man with two children) constantly came on to the patient. Dr. Kim constantly referenced the patient's behavioral disorder, as many as eight times in the initial medical report that is on file. Final surgical pathology was completed on the removed breasts, and the report confirmed that Dr. Kim amputated healthy breast tissue, and no need for any surgery.

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