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DR Ichise- back in 1997 you conducted a series of imagery on myself due to a Motor Vehicle Accident- This was with DR Peter Moran and DR Allan Gordon whom I was seeing at that time- You based on the imagery confirmed a TBI, in which DR Peter Moran supported from and gave evidence in court proceeding from 1998 to 2014- You stated in the presence of DR Moran that you did not want to get entangles with a Medial Mal practice law suit against DR Allan Gordon. You need to know that both DR Allan Gordon and especially DR Peter Moran is now claiming that I believe I have a TBI and t he then goes on to fabricate false medical information by claiming my condition was due to physical and sexual abuse by my brothers, I followed the rules and filed a compliant against these doctors with the CPSO and they bent backwards to cover up the incident and is in a complete Breach of trust. My entire family is now outraged by DR Moran and Dr Allan Gordon fabrications and will systematically bring them to justice. You need to know what is going on especially with the use of your good name. I will send you by mail what has taken place and you can expect to be called by Ontario's Attorney General to testify in this Criminal matter. https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/3589336/Dr-Peter-Moran-Mississauga-ON.html https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/3666921/Dr-Allan-Gordon-Toronto-ON.html MY name is John Anthony Gonsalves- I saw you August 1998, some 11 months after the accident. The injury left me with loss of peripheral vision and short term memory loss, and issues with PSTD from the severity of the accident, in fact your words were: I have not see such a severe concussion and this will have long term and TBI issues"...... I do not have any issues with you but you need to stand up for your integrity.

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flag | Submitted April 11, 2017

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