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First, I want to be clear I am not now,nor would I ever want to be, one of Dr. Rappaport's paitents. About 3 years ago my mom was diagnosed with a blood clot and as a result she had to become one of this woman's paitents but it was Dr. Rappaport's bedside manner that resulted in my mother deciding she would rather find another doctor. First, after my mom's medical issues my grandmother got sick and my mom started to focus upon my grandmother's issues. At one appointment my mom went and was told that she is "overweight" and it was surmized,by Dr. Rappaport,that our whole family must be obese because my mom and I are overweight. She was condescending and rude as she told my mother that,my terminally ill grandmother should not be viewed as a buredon. WE NEVER VIEWED MY GRANDMOTHER AS A BUREDON! My mother simply stated that she was stressed out. Suddenly, my grandmother's a buredon AND my mom was making up stories BECAUSE she didn't know what was wrong and this woman refused to help! She continued her insults by implying that my mother was imagining symptoms. Then to top it all off she claimed she didn't need my mom to have a blood test to know that the reason my mother's thyroid pills were not working was because she was not taking them! My mom takes her pills everyday! We were only questioning the level of the dose but this woman was so busy being rude and disrespectful that she couldn't be bothered to help! Recently, my mom found another primary care doctor and we also learned that my mother's knee injury,something that she has been suffering with for years now,was not the result of arthritis,or at least according to this condescending, garden gnome of a woman,or being overweight but TORN CARTLIDGE IN MY MOM'S KNEE!!! She never bothered to send my mom to a surgeon,or even for an x-ray to determine what was wrong! So, here's the bad news. My mom has suffered FOR YEARS WITH THIS because this woman couldn't be bothered to help her but the good news is. First, the damage done,as a result of waiting for this to be taken seriously,was minimal, second, the "arthritis" believed to be all around my mom's kneecap is NOT as "severe" as this quack lead us to believe and lastly, the "total knee replacement" that we were told was all but eventual is not going to be needed. So, in conclusion, thanks for nothing,Lady. I'm so glad my mother found a good doctor who cares for her and tries to uncourage her rather then being insulting,rude and disrespectful and by the way,if you're going to insult someone for being overweight it might be a good time to go to a store and buy a mirror!

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flag | Submitted November 25, 2014

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