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Attention New parents with a newborn...read this: In search for a pediatrician for our newborn son we stumbled upon Dr. Manar Hammoud's office. Her website boasts access to her office 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and shows and eagerness to accept new patients. Being a busy, working father this appealed to my schedule. However this claim could not be further from the truth. We scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hammoud on a Thursday & were greeted by her friendly staff upon arrival. Unfortunately their cheery disposition did not reflect the nature of the Dr. Who operates out of this facility. Dr. Hammoud spoke to us in a short, condescending, & rude nature. She did not seem eager to help us with the questions we had. In-fact, we felt as if we we're being reprimanded for asking questions. Additionally, we were redirected to a lab that same afternoon. We were told that Dr. Hammound needed to see us the following day @ 1:15pm. Although it was short notice and difficult with my work schedule we agreed. The next day around 11:30am we had been contacted by Dr. hammoud's office telling us that we needed to visit the lab again & return by 12.30pm. Not only is this OUTRAGEOUSLY short notice (especially for a working dad) it is a physical impossibility to make it from Morrice Mi (where my work is located) , to the lab in Fenton MI, complete the testing at the lab and return the results to Dr. Hammoud's office in Flint MI without a rocket-ship. Explaining this to her, after much negotiation and in an exasperated tone she agreed upon our original time of 1:15pm. Keep in mind we have a newborn, just over a week old. Being new parents we're still getting used to our new baby boy's schedule. Being caring parents we did our best to make sure that our boy's health and safety were accounted for. After a hastily preformed NASCAR pitstop style diaper change we were on the road with a clean baby with a clean diaper properly buckled into the infant setting in his car seat. Now, you would think that a PEDIATRICIAN of all people would be understanding of the obstacles a baby puts before a new parent. We were running 10 minutes late. We called ahead to Genesee Pediatrics to Dr. Manar Hammoud to let her know that we were running behind. Instead of thanking us for the courtesy call she instead reprimanded us for not being on time & in a ridiculous attempt to punish us, in her rude condescending tone told us to take our baby to emergency. Knowing that our baby was not in need of emergency medical attention we instead looked for other options. Since Dr. Manar Hammoud was unwilling to wait 10 minutes to see our baby boy we decided that we also couldn't wait another 10 minutes to find a new pediatrician. I couldn't see myself telling my son "ok, its time to go see grumpy ol' Dr. Hammoud for your appointment" If you have ANY other option I recommend you take it. Dr. Hammoud could stand to learn a lesson in common courtesy, manners & human decency. If I could rate negative stars i would. The one star rated on this review is at least 1 too many.

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flag | Submitted March 11, 2015

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  • Univ Of Damascus, Fac Of Med, Damascus, Syria (Grad. 1993)

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