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**DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE DECIDING ON THIS PLACE** I went to Dr. Wilson from about February 2006 - August 2006. I have had a serious headache and migraine condition for almost 10 years and was recommended that Dr. Wilson was just the person I needed to see. Read on for the skinny: - First off, you'll notice that when you go in for your appointment, NO MATTER WHAT TIME YOU SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR, Dr. Wilson will finally get to you upwards of an hour and a half (literally) later. If you have an appointment for 3pm, be prepared to sit until about 4:30 pm. And you will notice his office is always PACKED with people, who are also waiting way behind their appointment times. In the four times I was in to see him, it didn't matter what time my appointment was, or what time I got there. I even PURPOSELY scheduled my last appointment to be his FIRST in the morning at 10:00am at his Gottlieb Hospital office. I still wasn't taken until 11am. (** Dr. Wilson denies my waits were anything more than 45 minutes, and that I never had a '10am appointment' at Gottlieb. Both are simply a lie. I know how to read a clock and watch, and my own mother was with me/drove me/waited for me for 2 of these visits. He took me an hour after my appt at his Gottlieb office). - While Dr. Wilson was not terrible, he did not help me. We tried many different medications and plans, none of which helped. Even though his visits costs upwards of $300 without insurance, he would get frustrated and annoyed when I tried to contact him (phone, email, etc) about the problems I was having and even just simple, curious questions I would ask. - One time, he scheduled me for a "sleep test." He thought my migraine problem might be due to 'lack of sleep' or sleep apnia. I told him I didn't have any sleep problems, but he pushed the test anyways. I didn't take it, and it upset him. On a side note, all of the other neurologists I have been to, including one of the top ones in the state (Dr. Richard Kraig at University of Chicago Hospital) have told me that "sleep tests" rarely do little unless you are having a 'sleep related problem' (common sense), and 'can just be money making ploys'. - Another time, I had my prescriptions of Relpax (for migraines, similar to Imitrex) delivered to his office straight from their parent company for a cheaper price. When I went to pick them up (I live 19 miles away), they mysteriously weren't there! When I called the drug company, they stated and proved to me that my medication WAS DELIVERED, and even signed for by somebody in Dr. Wilson's office. Dr. Wilson's staff could not account for my medication despite a signature, so it had to all be re-ordered - which meant another 38--mile round trip. Somebody goofed, or just took the pills and probably used them as office samples. To top it off, they got ticked off AT ME (?) when I then asked for some 'samples' to supplement THEIR MISTAKE. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. - In the end, I never felt any better. Dr. Wilson just kept giving me different medications and such that never worked, and tests that never revealed anything (* I must add though, that I do not regret at all taking these tests which included cat-scans, MRI'S, and even an echo-cardio-gram test. The tests are necessary/helpful if you have a severe problem such as mine, and I recommend them myself). One pharmacist at Costco asked me why my neurologist was prescribing certain medications as they said they felt 'some of this stuff does not benefit migraine sufferers'. Naturally, any patient would have wanted to double-check w/ their doctor about this... - I confronted Dr. Wilson with my concerns, and just simple curious questions (in an always professional and friendly manner - I still have email proof saved), etc. and he finally told me RUDELY to "just find another neurologist." He had no reply for me when I asked him how much I paid him for his services, and told him that it was his job as a doctor to help the patient, and do research for the patient in a professional manner. Needless to say, I don't recommend this place. Others may have had good experiences and that is completely fine. But for everybody, having both sides of a story is beneficial. NOT RECOMMENDED.

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