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If you could give zero stars, I would. Dr. Ferzandi was hostile with me from the moment she came into the room - I mean even before my appointment started, so I know I didn't do anything to set this off. The staff had taken me to an exam room and while I was waiting in the room, Dr. Ferzandi popped in, looked at me with this vexed look on her face, said something abrupt that I didn't catch, then apparently realized she was in the wrong room, looked even more sour, and popped back out, slamming the door. When Dr. Ferzandi was actually in my appointment with me and going over my history, she told me I couldn't have a GYN diagnosis I had been given a few months earlier. I tried to point her to the OR report I had brought from the GYN surgeon who had made that dx, in surgery. Ferzandi glanced at it, then told me I was wrong. Nope. I wasn't. It was on there, unequivocally, and she either didn't read it or just totally disagreed. But rather than following up with the doctor who made the diagnosis, she laid into me like I was a liar. I felt like I was in an interrogation. This is not how you want to start out before a pelvic exam. She also apparently had a problem with the fact that I use a walker. Lastly, her way of letting you know she's planning to catheterize you is via the subtly phrased "we're going to empty your bladder". If I hadn't asked "does that mean you're going to catheterize me?" I wonder if that was going to be her only warning. I filed a complaint with her clinic, I know it doesn't do much but I figured if no one ever complains, there's no way she will even try to change. I will never go back to this doctor or this clinic. I'm writing this review because Dr. Ferzandi has perplexingly good reviews elsewhere online and those lulled me into believing I was going to be seeing a good and kind doctor who would treat me like a human. I was so wrong. Dr. Ferzandi treated me like I was something you would scrape off your shoe.

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flag | Submitted September 6, 2016

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