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On January 14th we came to the clinic at Washington County Hospital for my daughter's broken leg, and was given doctor Plattenberger. She was given a half cast/splint, and we told she would only wear it for 3 weeks. We were to take her in to have it x-rayed in Texas, where we would be when we were to take it off. We were told we could unwrap it to bath her and if it was too tight. For 10 days she cried in pain, and we kept unwrapping it thinking it was too tight. When we would unwrap it she would seem relieved. At day 4 we noticed the beginning of skin discoloration on her heel. It developed into a dark bruise and on day 9 we realized there was a fold in the cast at her heel, a hard chunk of cast digging into her heel the whole time. We called immediately and they got us in the next day. They x-rayed her leg again, and decided to make her a new cast. This is where things got absolutely unprofessional and ridiculous. They cut a hole in the heel of her new half cast/splint, which left no structural integrity in the rest of the cast. It literally swung as if on a hinge. This, after being stressed to us last time how important it was for her foot to stay at a 90 degree angle. The doctor snapped that it was only for 4 days. The foot of the cast ended not at her toes, like last time, but in the softest, most tender part of her foot. When I asked about this, the doctor only snapped that she wasn't walking on it. I thought, like she hadn't walked on her heel to cause such damage? The most infuriating part is the cast no longer went above her knee, but ended below it, directly on the break! Any twisting of the cast would have put pressure directly on the point we were trying to heal. After expressing my concerns and having the doctor snap my head off and literally just turn and leave the room, done with us, we left. We left and took her directly to Iowa City ER to be seen by a real doctor. At the ER the cast was set out where doctors and nurses came through the room two at a time and stared at it in disbelief. They all looked at us aghast at the absurdity of it. I asked one group if it was as bad as I thought it was, and they nodded their heads in disbelief. My daughter was fitted with a full cast, above the knee to her toes. I was told it should stay on for 6 weeks, not the 3 weeks your doctor prescribed for her petty cast. We were treated with respect and my daughter was taken care of by a real professional. And when we left, they took her pathetic cast with them. Bottom line, your doctor's work was a joke. To an entire ER unit. By ego or ignorance, she was pretending to treat my two year old's broken leg, when it was obvious she had no idea what she was doing. The doctors in Iowa City also said that if the bruise on her heel hadn't been caught, it would have broken open to the bone, been very hard to heal and would have had a very high chance of infection.

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flag | Submitted March 1, 2015

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