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I was I patient for over twenty years. Going every 6-8 months. I mainly saw Judy Silverstein who did biopsies of my moles, all I heard back was from the receptionist was that my moles were OK-in fact many were abnormal I found out after getting my chart. Judy never took the time to explain any of this to me.They stamped on melanoma counseling on my chart with every visit which I never received. When she cancelled her appt. 17 yrs into going here, I saw Martin Weil, I showed him a jagged spreading lesion on my left arm. He told me it was benign and let me walk out the door. 8 months later I go back (big mistake) and see Weil again with a complaint that now it was itching (classic sign of melanoma- family history of melanoma in my chart) He says it's an inflamed SK, and does cryosurgery (malpractice with a family history of melanoma. Cryosurgery makes melanoma metastasize and is a major contraindication.) All this could be taught to a 12 year old. The lesion comes back and I see a different so called Dr there Michael Fisher, at this point I have a large red spreading area on my arm. He also does cryosurgery on this same lesion, letting me just believe it was benign for the 3rd time without a biopsy (malpractice again) doesn't even make a note in the chart that he does this surgery . He removes something off my back, I turn around and see he is not even using gloves! I tell him my sister has had melanoma (which is in my chart of 20 years) He says "There's one!" and sprayed my leg with the cryosurgery..I left the treatment room completely shaken. I go back months later this same lesion is back on my own, 2 so called Drs told me it was benign 3 times, the PA I saw finally did a biopsy and I now have stage 3 melanoma! If you are interested in making the owner David Levine money..go there, but if you want dermatological care and not incompetence, maliciousness, and Malpractice go elsewhere. I sure wish I never walked in these doors 20 year ago! I have had to have 2 major surgeries and I am in a fight for my life now. I would see a real Dr Greg Cox perimeterdermatology.com… People complain about the wait, but I wish I had waited all day. I filed a lawsuit, malpractice was easy to prove, but in Georgia you can not claim damages for loss life expectancy, 100% when I first pointed it out to 50-60% now. If I die i can refile. GOING THERE WAS A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE ..STAY AWAY- THIS PLACE IS AN INSURANCE BILLING MILL ONLY AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN- A BLIGHT AND DANGER TO THE COMMUNITY. This is my opinion and my experience. You can reach me at longfinancial1@aol.com if you would like to see my chart

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flag | Submitted August 20, 2016

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