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Can't get past the front office. Two people in a row treated me like it was my problem that their system doesn't work. About 24hrs before your appointment you get an automated voice mail that says you have to return their completed forms atleast 24hrs before the appointment. It does say you can complete them on-line, but you have to use the hospital's system and agree to all the hospital's terms and conditions. Alternatively you can download, printout and hand carry the forms in . Since my call was about just a little over 24 hours before my appointment it would basically mean I have to drop everything I am doing to complete the forms. Well, I tried. Their forms (atleast the ones on-line) are not excessively onerous, but there is a clause that says if you have financial issues and can't pay on time they can charge you an extra 65% of whatever you owe. You have to agree to that before they will see you or confirm your appointment. Now I don't go into any relationship expecting to defraud, take advantage of, or cheat the other party, but a clause like that is a clear show of BAD FAITH when the other party needs something that excessive . Ultimately though those were just little additional things. Prior to any of this I received text messages saying to confirm my appointment reply YES. Well when I tried to do that I received a message saying "Invalid msg or this text is no longer active. " So they use automated methods that don't work, have an excessive collection cause, and treat you like you are stupid (two different people) before you can even confirm your appointment. Also, if you read their policies if you don't cancel your appointment atleast 24hrs ahead of time they will charge you for that too. The appointment you couldn't confirm in the first place. The doctors might be great, but I'll never know because the staff sucks.

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flag | Submitted August 9, 2018

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