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Waited 58 mins past appointment time, saw him. and discussed case. I came from out of town to see this idiot and needed medically necessary breast surgery for cancer. This DOUCHENUGGET tells me he's going to get a second surgeon to help, fine, my insurance is paying I don't care and they will call and schedule an appointment. TEN DAYS LATER WHILE I AM LIVING IN A HOTEL WAITING FOR THIS SURGERY, his office girl calls me and tells me he doesn't think he has the skills to do my case and so he does't want to do the surgery. OK, fine. Don't you think the whiny little pu$$y could have told me that at the time of my appointment instead of letting me spend TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on living arrangements after having to wait 2 weeks to see him when I have CANCER?? I appreciate that he knows his skills are inadequate, but he needs to grow a pair of BALLS and tell his patients what the deal is up front instead of waiting 10 days and having his little office girl call because he's too much of a pu$$y to call me himself? This guy is in it for the money and couldn't care less about his patients. As a retired RN/MSN nurse practitioner, I know the difference between good and bad docs and this one I wouldn't send my cat to see. He was OK during the visit (even if it was an HOUR past my appointment time) but to leave me hanging for 2 weeks and say nothing? What an A$$HOLE this guy is!! I'm posting this review on more than one site, so you may see it again.

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flag | Submitted June 14, 2016

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