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They have 1 person working in there who is decent at the moment, the rest are bitter old ladies, the Dr. & his P.A.. Apparently the nurses can't count to 30 these days, always putting appointments a day off when there are more or less than 30 days in a month. Policies have been known to change, no note in the lobby, no mention by the staff, or Dr., you'll just find out; "Oh you have to do this..." (like telling you you can change insurance providers or pay about $110 per visit just to receive sub-par care./like deciding all a sudden you need to pee in their nice little cup to contribute to their golden-shower party this upcoming weekend) or "Sorry after years we can no longer do that...", find out a prescription has been changed without the Dr. or P.A. warning you, and the Dr. doesn't even tell you, he lets the staff do that after you find out you've been shorted your much needed medicine. Which is maybe understandable if; you failed a drug test, or you were breaking some rule, policy, or law, but when it's just "Oh well meds you've been relying on for years have been cut off, and we don't owe you an explanation or advanced warning so you can have your needs met elsewhere." So here I am after years of the same medicines, which were barely sufficient to begin with, my appointment wasted this month, insurance won't allow another appointment on the same issue for another 30 days, and not enough medicine. I would not recommend this Dr., or office, to see someone's pet goldfish, and he's so accustomed to just handing out controlled substances, God-forbid you have any other legitimate issue that he's qualified to handle, and try to address that while addressing your injury... And when it's his P.A. filling in for him, passing out prescriptions, forget it, he'll just nod his head, agree, and scribble more on your file, leading you to believe he understood you and is writing another (totally non-narcotic) prescription, while basically ignoring you... And you don't even want him to go on about his "spinal injury" as a P.A., and how it made his life so much harder, yet he is able to function without pain-pills, yeah and if the rest of us made our business $110 every 10 minutes for 8 hours a day, just walking back and forth, mostly ignoring everyone, I might would manage a little better myself there prikc.

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flag | Submitted June 5, 2017

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  • Khyber Med Coll, Univ Of Peshawar, Peshawar, Pakistan (Grad. 1975)

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