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The surgeon's skills seem to be just fine. However, his office staff is horrendous. If you have a HMO then don't bother reading this but if you have a deductible, watch out! I have been to him twice, once for me, this time for my son. This time I was told if I didn't pay, X amount of dollars (double the normal price up front) then he wouldn't be able to have the surgery. The office girl at the front (Christy) claimed that she got the quote from my insurance, which is a lie and I told that to Christy. They can’t quote without seeing an actual bill and the deductible can change as other billings come in and reduce the amount, but according to Christy the Ofc Mgr wouldn’t budge; I had no choice and I asked for the mgr but In 4 yrs, I have never be able to speak with the office manager. I don't think they had one; Christy lies all the time and I catch her at it. When I confronted Christy later about billing that had been rec’d by the insurance and the actual amount they said I owed (1/2 the amount she demanded initially) she told me to contact their billing in the Midwest. I had to speak with them if I was going to get my refund) and found out later they were in Orange Ca (she said this so she wouldn't have to call the billing to help straighten her mess out). I asked her why she told me they were in the Midwest and I accused her of pushing me off, she said that she assumed they were in the Midwest since the person she always dealt with sent emails at 4am so she must be on Midwest time. Is that nuts? I was so upset I decided to talk with the doctor about it and he told me he doesn’t get involved with the billing or his staff, he is just a surgeon and if I didn’t like it that I could go somewhere else. I was beyond frustrated now and it seemed Christy was doing everything she could to upset me and it didn’t seem like I could do anything about it. Well I really couldn’t just walk out at this point as my son still had stiches (after 2 months) and I just wanted to get through it but I will NEVER go back, it was so not worth it having to deal with Christy. If you ask why I went the 2nd time and didn’t go to another surgeon, is because the type of operation needed to be expediently, there was no time to waste and I knew he is a good surgeon. I figured we had been through this before and they knew I was a good paying customer and that it wouldn’t be a problem. Wow, little did I know. I am sorry to say but a doctor is as good as his staff and if he doesn’t care how his staff operates then he isn’t a good doctor. Final thought, I had told the doctor he had better care because I thought his Office Mgr/Christy were skimming money or cooking the books…he didn’t seem concerned so is he just happy to get extra money from some of his customers? Because like Christy told me, they don’t bill if you don’t owe anything and if you are owed a refund, you have to inquire, they don’t monitor that. Sounds like a fraud to me!

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flag | Submitted December 10, 2014

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