Your Sweet Tooth Could Be Making You Depressed

Your Sweet Tooth Could Be Making You Depressed

Put down that pastry!  As tempting and delicious as that honey cruller might look, it could end up messing with your emotions, new research suggests.

Fats that are present in many baked goods could mess with your moods, according to a study by researchers from San Diego State University.

The study involved 5,000 people and researchers found that ‘trans fatty acids’ that are present in baked goods and processed foods, such as cookies and muffins, can change the way the body controls emotions.

While we often see these foods as a way to make ourselves feel better, they can end up having the opposite effect.  The researchers discovered that the participants in the study who ingested more trans fatty acids were less able to control their moods and emotions.

For the participants who ate less trans fatty acids, they were shown to have a better ability to balance and control their moods.

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