Will These Headphones Make You Fitter, Faster and Stronger?

Will These Headphones Make You Fitter, Faster and Stronger?

Looking for an extra edge? Halo Sport headphones stimulate the brain to make you fitter, faster and stronger more quickly.

Technology seems to be able to do everything. Want to breathe deeper? There’s an app for that. Need to remember more names? Try this program.

But how about a pair of headphones to improve your athletic performance?

The scientists at Halo Neuroscience have invented a pair of headphones that stimulates the brain and betters the body.

Using cutting edge science, athletes can now improve their response to athletic training by making training more productive for the brain.


How does it all work? By using the headphones named Halo Sport, you can stimulate the motor cortex in your brain with a waveform.

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When this happens, the brain goes into a temporary state of being super-flexible, called hyperplasticity, and users form new circuits in their thinking, faster.

The results are noted as gains in “strength, explosiveness, endurance and muscle memory”, and can impressively improve a person’s overall physical abilities by as much as 13%.

While the product may be best for a niche market, the headphones have still been getting a considerable amount of press.


They’ve been featured on a wide variety of well-known media platforms including Forbes, Wired, Scientific American, and Sports Illustrated to name a few, and coaches seem eager to try them out.

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Beyond athletics, Halo Sport claims that their neurotechnology was also able to accelerate pilot and sniper training by 50% among members of the U.S armed forces and even musicians are getting in on the game.

How about safety? The main concern for many may be the worry in using something that changes the way your brain works, but academic research claims that the technology is harmless.

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It involves non-invasive stimulation, and thousands of hours of double-blind studies conducted with over 1000 people have proven Halo Sport’s efficacy, soundness and reliability.

True or wishful thinking?

Time will tell if this really is the case, long term. In the meantime though, there are milliseconds to be gained.

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