This Will Be The Most Fun – and Effective – Way to Lose Weight This Summer

This Will Be The Most Fun – and Effective – Way to Lose Weight This Summer

You know that to lose weight you need to burn more calories than are coming in, but what’s never discussed is the importance of finding a workout you enjoy.

If you enjoy it, you’ll stick with it, even long after you’ve hit your desired weight goal.

Running and cycling isn’t for everyone. So with summer approaching, you should consider spending some time in the pool.

“The rate of weight loss varies from person to person, but in general, if a woman swam for 45 minutes at least four times per week, with some fast intervals mixed into her workouts, she could potentially lose one to two pounds per week,” says Cindy Dallow, PhD, RD, a sports dietitian and triathlon coach. “That’s only if she kept her caloric intake the same or less.”


So, you’ll need to be mindful of how many calories your body needs, because as Dr. Dallow alludes to, eating too little while exercising more could cause you to lose muscle instead of fat.

And of course, if you up the intensity of your pool laps, you’ll likely lose more weight.

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“Intensity makes a huge difference in whether someone will lose body fat or not,” Dr. Dallow said. “Higher intensity swimming (going faster or harder) will burn more calories than easy swimming, which translates into more weight loss.”

If you enjoy swimming, good news: You’ll likely keep the weight you lost gone for good.

“Any aerobic exercise will help with weight loss, but it’s even more important after weight loss occurs because regular exercise is the number one predictor of weight maintenance,” she said.

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