Why Reading Doomsday News is Bad For Your Health

Why Reading Doomsday News is Bad For Your Health

If global warming is real, scaring us into believing it isn’t doing humanity any favors.  

You or someone you know could be afraid of an impending environmental blowout. You know, essentially a battle to end all battles, between humans and mother nature.

Ok, so I’m not saying “never”. Battles are currently being fought on our planet with alarming frequency and more are sure to come. Nature is certainly a powerful force. And we haven’t been treating her that well in the past few decades. But let’s pause for a moment.

Should you recycle? Certainly. Reuse? Definitely.  But get this: when it comes to educating yourself about terrible environmental problems, reading bleak news online may not be the way to go.

“The scarier the message, the more people who are committed to viewing the world as fundamentally stable and fair are motivated to deny it,” said Matthew Feinberg, a doctoral student in psychology and coauthor of a study done at the University of California at Berkeley.

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Apparently, the more “doomsday” news we read about the environment, the greater the chances are that we’ll not believe it. Or, ignore it. And that’s scary. 

Despite growing evidence that points towards the existence of global warming, a Gallup poll conducted earlier this year found that 48 percent of Americans believe that global warming concerns are exaggerated. And a further 19 percent think it will never happen, at all.

(Interestingly, back in1997, just 31 percent of people asked the same question in a Gallup poll felt that claims of global warming were overstated).

It seems we don’t like to swallow fear-based appeals. Which is understandable. 

So, scientists, listen up: if you’re writing about this stuff, try to make it more palatable. For your own health and that of future generations, it could be the right ticket.

And for readers, do yourself a favour. Read more of the positive stuff. It will help you take action and save the day. 

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