Why Great Friendships Make You Live Longer

Why Great Friendships Make You Live Longer

You may be blessed with a wonderful family that really is your fountain of support and joy. For some people though, the close bonds of kin are simply too complicated.

Judgment, competition and conflict can run rife when it comes to relatives. Admitting it though, can make people feel guilty and like they’re being a “bad family member”.

We’re really supposed to love our Great Uncle Joe, right?

Well, yes, but a new study says that if you feel like you love your friends a bit more, you shouldn’t worry about it.

In fact, you might want to rejoice. Research completed at Michigan State University found that people who place a high value on friendship are happier and healthier in life, in general.

Having good friends can help you live longer.

The study involved 300,000 participants between 15 and 99 from around the world. Researchers concluded that the strong social bond offered by friendship can lower your stress and raise your self-esteem, increasing your chances of living a long and luscious life by about 50%.

The findings are interesting, as living in a loving partnership or marriage is also seen as being positive for your mental and physical health.

A good relationship can build you up, encourage you to take risks and grow, and provide a sense of security that even close friends might not offer.

The take away? Mix it up. If you don’t actually like your Great Uncle Joe, don’t worry about it.

Do go out with your close friends though, and do celebrate sharing your life with a loving partner if you have one. Both can be integral elements to a balanced life.

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